There are two bands named Omnium Gatherum. Prominently we find the Finnish melodic death metal band on . 1) Omnium Gatherum is a six-piece melodic death metal band from Kotka, Finland. Founded in the autumn of 1996. Although the band mainly follows the path of melodic death metal genre, the music created by the band, especially the later albums, has strong influences from the progressive death metal sub-genre.

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Wigs on the Green specialises in fine portrait miniatures, silhouettes, small portraits, and provincial art, predominantly from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Our portraits are selected for their historical interest and character. They are not only by listed artists but also those who painted and drew for their own entertainment and pleasure - true to life portraits, with real character and, often, a pretty face!

, from Modern Latin omniscientem (nominative omnisciens ), back-formation from Medieval Latin omniscientia (see omniscience ). Related: Omnisciently .

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Hey brother
Make way for patience
Or there is a chance
To breath through frustration
PIck it up
Fill it up
Not splashing a single drop
There is a lot of peace
On the calm surface of the heart

Hey sister
Have you been the drama?
It becomes more severe
Every time you fall from grace
A strain of history
Heavy on the shoulders
And the world
It moves forever on

And after the mourning
Morning has gone
It is time again
To journey towards home
The perpetual flame is ever waiting
For the one who sees
All that is done

At last no reason, a sensation
To slay anymore
The silent hounds are all asleep
And the world it moves forever on
On the calm surface of the heart

Omnium Gatherum The RedshiftOmnium Gatherum The RedshiftOmnium Gatherum The RedshiftOmnium Gatherum The Redshift